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Lessons Tailor Made for All Levels & Ages  

Exploring the Basics

Sheet Music Edits

For Adult Students (Beginning -- Advanced)

Private piano lessons are provided in 30 and 45 and 60 mins one-on-one instruction, which include repertoires playing, technique training, sight-reading and music history, theory.

Schedule a Lesson
Sheet Music Close Up

For Younger Students (Beginning -- Advanced)

Private or semi private piano lessons are provided in 30, 45 or 60 mins one-on-one instruction, which focus on fundamental musical knowledge and skills. The lessons are designed for motivating young learners to explore music in a fun and creative way, which also includes contents for basic theory and technique.


All lessons can be taught to help students for music exams like NYSSMA, ABRSM or competitions, music school pre college admission upon request.

Schedule a Lesson
Lessons are given in teacher’s studio or student’s home at different rates:

Teacher’s Studio: (Broadway/west 72nd Street )


1.Private one to one 

Monthly-$90/60mins x 4 = $360 $80/45mins x 4 =$320 $60/30mins x 4=$320

10 Lessons-$85/60mins x 10= $850 $75/45mins x 10=$750 $55/30mins x10 =$550

20 Lessons-$80/60mins x 20=$1600 $70/45mins x 20=$1400 $50/30mins x20 =$1000

2. Semi-private 2 to one

One time-$50/60mins $45/45mins $35/30mins

Monthly-$45/60mins x 4 =$180 $40/45mins x 4 =$160 $30/30mins x4=$120

10 Lessons-$45/60mins x10 =$450 $40/45mins x10=$400 $30/30mins x10=$300

20 Lessons- $40/60mins x20 =$800 $35/45mins x20 =$700 $25/30mins x20 =$500

 Or could be in Student’s Home:

Trial Lesson-$65/45mins

Monthly-$140/60mins x 4 =$560 $120/45mins x 4 =$480 $105/30mins x4 =$420

10 Lessons-$120/60mins x 10=$1200 $100/45mins x10 =$1000 $85/30mins x10=$850

20 Lessons-$100/60mins x20=$2000 $80/45mins x 20=$1600 $70/30mins x 20 =$1400

The rate will be different, if you are not live in Manhattan.  Or if you live in very close to me (around 15mins),  the rate could be the same as studio lesson,

Online lesson will be lower than all the studio lessons


 *Please go to POLICY page and see more details about payment, schedule, cancellations etc.

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